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Transparency is Key

Trust but always verify

So I’ve been applying to jobs over the past couple of months. Mostly I get rejection letters, but sometimes I get a reply. Today I got a reply from a random posting I applied to a month ago and received a very sketchy email back.

This made me go back and dig further into the company, and it was basically… really shady. I don’t even know why I applied. I know better. I know how to verify a company, but many others don’t. So I decided to share my model with the world.

Check Linked In

Linked is a resource! Use it. Check for a company page and see how many employees there are. Look for signs of life in the employees by researching their social media or personal websites.

Check funding for a startup

You don’t want to get caught up working for a startup with no money! You may get stiffed on your check, and you wouldn’t be the first burned by a startup. Look to see who is funding the business and make sure the business is located on that VC fund’s page.

Check Glass Door for Reviews

Look on Glass Door and similar websites to see what the work culture and interview process is like. This will give you a leg up if you ge ta call back

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