Checking for exceptions and errors. Make sure your syntax is correct and complete. Prepare to break out the genius.

I can solve this. I just gotta think it through with my thoughts.


You’ve looked and tried a couple of things… it’s not working. Maybe there’s a solution on the interwebs. You do your Googles. Stack Exchange, reddit, dev forums, you name it, you search it. If it might work, you try it. 

via Giphy Woman searches on Computer
Google is a friend in your time of need.


(also known as Being Hangry and/or Exhausted)

Laverne Cox opines on a stairwell, shouting No!
Why have I been cursed with the worst error known to man? Why specifically me?


Checking Line by Line for exceptions and errors (again). Looking for compatibility issues that may have arisen between browsers, updates, etc. Asking a coworker for a second set of eyes.

Chesca Leigh invites you to humble yourself.
Face it, you’ve missed something.


image from Giphy
Behold, a Coding Goddess. Feel Free to skip to this stage at any time.

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