Illustrations and captions by Katrina Roberts

I. I didn’t feel like myself. I was working as a graphic designer, wanting to be an art director. I had found a job where I worked admin and designed, but I never had enough time to design. I began to program solutions, and found that I liked it more than creating designs I never felt were finished. Around this time, I found out I had ADHD.

An android stands on the neck of Shadow Woman

II. I was working yet another temp job when someone needed to cover for the webmaster. I was assigning and removing permissions, providing technical support, and best of all I felt like I was good at my job. I found that I really enjoyed reviewing applications, and poking holes in people’s code… and I was good at it.

III.  I found my voice. I began learning infosec tutorials and lessons that I found online. Subscribed to newsletters and kept abreast of industry trends. And recently, I found a mentor. I know that I am on the right path for myself, my mental health and my career.

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