I’m crafting a series of training for hustlers who can’t afford a web designer but are determined to get the bag. These courses are easy to implement, affordable and low-cost to maintain.

You’re wiling to put in the work, we’re willing to teach you.

Site Slayer

Design your own 1-page website with my 1-hour course! Easy to implement, affordable and low-cost to maintain. I will show you how to craft a beautiful, accessible professional website.

Web Design
Copywriting Script
Accessibility 101
SSL/DNS Set Up (Bonus)
Graphics List (Bonus)

Pros & Cons

Site Slayer

Design a beautiful website for yourself

An 1 hour long course that is easy to implement

Learn Design & Accessibility Basics

Other Courses

Learn how to design websites as a career

Hundreds of hours of footage you’ll never use

Doesn’t teach design or accessibility basics

Only $349 $99

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