Coffee vs. Tea vs Energy drinks. The Neverending fight for a caffiene replacement

I’ve been drinking coffee for over a decade, and it has been an integral part of my life ever since. But ever so often, I get tired of the taste of coffee. Sometimes I stop sipping and start chugging like a frat boy on a Saturday afternoon. I don’t want to taste it, I just want the effects. And when that happens, I reach out to my go-to replacements. And these don’t always work, but they are worth an espresso shot. 

Tea Replacements

Yerba Mate w/ lemon

Yerba Mate with Lemon is a delicous and tasty black tea. It’s not always my favorite cup of tea, and I prefer it hot.

Yaupon Tea

I recently tried this American holly tea after reading about it online. While it’s a great afternoon pick-me-up, it doesn’t exactly replace my morning cup of joe.

Guayusa Tea

Waykana Guayusa Tea $7.98

This South American tea is the GOAT. I have migraines and sometimes coffee can make that worse. But sometimes I need caffiene to make a headache go away. It’s a really weird and strange predicament that often ends with me choosing between being pain-free and sleep.

When I discovered guayusa, it changed the game! I can still get that extra burst of caffiene and sleep like a baby.


I love matcha lattes, its my go-to order at Starbucks. Its strong enough to replace my morning coffee. Recently I also discovered a powdered matcha and ginger tea that I like as well.

Energy Drinks

I can’t have too much caffeine, so it’s important for me to drink just enough to perk up. These energy drinks are hydrating and provide just enough caffeine for me to make it through my day. 

Kickstart Hydrating Energy Drink $1.39, Publix

KickStart Hydrating

This is old faithful. If I’m sipping on an energy drink, it’s probably one of these. They range from $1-$2 and they have just enough caffiene to get the job done.

Runa Energy Drink

Runa Energy Drink

Runa Energy drinks are made with Guayusa (see above) and will wake you up and relax you at the same time. It’s like being gently woken up by a loved one. I’m not sure they still make these, but I love finding them!


These include espresso, but they don’t *taste* like coffee (which is what matters to me, anyway). 

Dirty Chai – A chai tea with a shot of espresso. Available Hot or Iced at your local coffee shop

Vietnamese Coffee – condensed milk with Cafe du Monde coffee and cinnamon. A delicious, fatty treat! Available at your local Vietnamese restaurant and the Copper Cow also makes a cute portable version.

What are your favorite caffeine drinks? Share with me on twitter @pinkpushpop